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Profitable Article Marketing – How to Easily Turn 10 Articles in Hundreds Or Thousand of Dollars!

Do you want to know how to turn 10 articles into a full online business?

Even better, those articles can bring you hundreds to several thousands of dollars per month if you have a good marketing funnel in place.

Whenever you write an article, think about the big picture. Start with the end in your head. Do not look at a unique article, but on every single of your articles.

As an example, if you submit 10 articles, do not only wait for a single sale. Keep in mind that those ten articles can pay for themselves over and over.

What articles can do for you?

You build your list, get top search engine rankings and potential buyers who click through your box to your website.

It will depend on your niche, but some of your articles will get two thousand views while others will get ten views and that's it.

You need to take those 10 articles as a whole:

Let's say that you get 500 visitors (50 per articles). From this 500 visitors, you can get 50 subscribers, and some of these will buy later. From this 10 articles, your website can be found on the search engines.

Plus, overtime, your article will still bring in visitors and most importantly sales.

Building a list of subscribers with your articles is a wise idea because your articles will pay over and over, particularly if you sell (or promote) repeating products, home study course in your niche.

I forgot to say that those articles can also be used for your email newsletter.

And what about your next eBook (and what's an eBook if not a bunch of articles?) That you sell between $ 20 and $ 50 later on?

Plus your $ 500 coaching or continuity program?

Bottom line, your ten articles investment will come back to you sooner or later. So start writing and submitting more articles today.

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