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Poker Rakeback – Make Money Online the Easy Way!

Most people will tell you that poker is zero-sum game, where people win money from the other players – If someone is winning someone must be losing an equal amount. But, there is a hidden cost that siphons money from each player in the game, known as the rake-whether they are winning or losing, players are losing money to the rake. This is where rakeback comes into play.

Rakeback is basically an arrangement between you and the online poker site where they will refund you a certain percentage of the rake you contribute; this process is known as rakeback. Rake back is probably the greatest advancement that online poker has given the world. With the ability to track every individual hand down to the most minute detail online poker rooms can give a player a cash back deal that is not available in a land-based card-room.

If you are not aware of how cash back works here is a quick rundown:

The first thing you have to do is find a reputable rakeback site, since cash back is only available through affiliates of the poker sites -An affiliate is a person or website who drives new players to online rooms for a percentage of that player’s rakeback, which they then offer to the player as a rakeback deal. Generally the affiliate will offer you between 27% and 33% in rakeback, depending on the online poker-room you choose to play at.

Once you sign up – you will earn cashback based on the amount of rake taken from each pot you are dealt cards in. For instance, if you play 1,000 hands in a 10-handed game, where the average pot is raked $2, your contribution to the rake is $.20 per hand. If you are receiving the best rakeback deal available, 33%, you will be earning $.066 per hand, so over the course of 1,000 hands you will have earned $66 in rakeback!

Even though the amounts you receive in cashback appear to be pennies, in the long-run they really add up; and can make a huge contribution to your online poker bankroll. It’s not uncommon for a player to multi-table 6 poker games and play 5,000 hands in a single day. Using our above example of rakeback this player would earn $330 every day just from their cashback deal! A break-even player could earn $100,000 a year in just from their rakeback.

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