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Paid Survey Sites – Clearing Misconceptions

There has been a buzz recently, on several forums regarding paid survey companies and their supposedly clever approach to often rob people of their precious dollars once they have been lured to be a member in one of them. Since I was one of those who got interested in the possibility of earning extra cash on doing paid surveys, I decided to do a bit of surfing and investigation, to see the truth and misconceptions of paid survey sites and paid survey companies.

Misconception # 1 Income Claims

Whenever you enter a paid survey site, you'll see an income figure that promises you stuffs like:

"Get paid $ 4 to $ 70 per survey on online surveys!"

"Interested in earning $ 40 to $ 140 per hour on online focus groups?"

Do not get me wrong, the figures above are feasible and realistic, legitimate survey companies give you those figures but only on certain conditions.

For example, for each survey, one usually gets the lower range of the salary stipulated. Only when you get to belong to a tightly focused group of a few individuals do you receive the upper margin of that salary.

Regarding the per hour arrangement, it's going to take a bit of a change in perspective for you to get the actual picture.

For example, you get one survey job, got paid $ 15 for your efforts and it only took you 10 minutes to finish, essentially you actually did a $ 90 per hour job.

Looking at these figures, I could safely say one can not amass his / her fortune simply by doing this surveys, but for all of those with a little extra time on hands, especially teens who want to earn extra cash, paid surveys can be a viable Source of income.

Misconception # 2 Free vs. Paid survey sites

Although unsure, I believe this misconception is what's causing the bulk of the buzz regarding the scam survey sites.

There are basically two types of paid surveys found on the web. The first one is a free to join website, while the other requests for a certain fee for you to be a member. To most people, this alone is a proof that the website asking for a fee is sure to be a scam because these sites are provided to be free to join. Please read further so I can explain the subtle yet significant difference between the two.

The first type is called a survey company. What survey company sites do is they send you the survey and once you've completed the form, they are also the once who will issue the checks. These are the sites that are in almost all cases are free to join.

The second type of paid survey sites is what's called am online survey membership site. These sites on the other hand give you access to a database which contains hundreds of the "free" survey companies, and at the same time, they give you information about these companies. It is for this convenience, that they ask their members to pay a fee before they join.

I believe it is this reason why some people are crying "scam !!" In the first place. Once these people pay and join a survey membership site and find that it is not an online survey company, they feel cheated. Although in reality, the clear advantage in joining a paid survey membership site is, instead of you wasting hours and hours of your time searching for these paid survey companies, the site has compiled them for you, with many of them updating the list regularly and For a one time fee only. So if you look at it really, it's just a matter of how productive you wish to be on the time that you have.

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