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Overwhelmed by War, Hunger, Famine, Sin, and Mental Health – Is There an Answer That Works?

Many feel overwhelmed. It can result from too much information, too much news, or too many emails.

Serious debt can give that draining feeling of just being overwhelmed, as can regret, shame, worry, sorrow, or fear.

How can I overcome being overwhelmed?

Jehoshaphat was King in Israel and he had a most amazing experience, turning people back to God and faith in God.

Suddenly, three surrounding nations conspired against him, and came to do battle.

That could easily overwhelm a man – even a successful King.

He does not worry, nor panic. He worships and prays. He prays privately first, and then prays in front of his people, for help in time of trouble.

He set his face to seek God, just as Jesus Christ set His face to go to Jerusalem and do what had to be done.

Jehoshaphat focused upon God, reminding himself of God’s greatness and God’s unlimited power, recalling what God accomplished through the leadership of Moses, when the people were set free from slavery, and started travelling to the Promised Land.

God helped His people in the past, in times of war and famine, and Jehoshaphat reminds God of His promises.

“Will You not stop our enemies from defeating us?”

He realised he could not do it on his own – not even as King. He needed God.

Are there not times when we feel hopeless and powerless and we need God to do something?

Jehoshaphat was looking to God, and trusting God.

Might that not be an excellent thing to do as we make our way through 2017?

God advised him as to what to do, and the overwhelmed King overcame the threatening circumstances.

This is proving to be a highly challenging year.

The political stakes are escalating and increasing. Times have been bad before. We are not the first generation to face what some regard as a dangerous unknown, whether it be in Washington or Downing Street or Moscow.

With millions facing starvation in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia, parts of Nigeria and now Kenya, where I have worked and served and taught on five occasions – with this global need the only answer is Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Wicked sinful men are fighting and causing horrendous havoc and pain.

There is plenty food. We have one third more food throughout the world than man requires for his basic needs. God has done His part but man has wrecked the means of distribution.

Overwhelmed? There is no need for this suffering and pain if only war lords would stop and think and consider what they are really doing among their own peoples.

God has given us promises in His Word.

Stop looking for a vision – look for a verse!

And, there is not only a verse – there is more than a verse – there is a Saviour who can rescue and release and set free.

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