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Opt-In Tutorial – Making Confirmation Clear

If you're trying to build your list (and you should be), you'll want to take care to maximize your opt-in rate. That does not just happen on the level of inspiring sign-ups. It extends past that initial act on the part of the visitor to the process of confirmation.

While the average opt-in tutorial will cover the front end of list building admirably, it's not uncommon to discover that the secondary level is often ignored. That's a mistake because handling it incorrectly can cost you sign-ups.

Double opt-in list building is the safest and, many would appeal, most productive way to make money with email marketing. The "double" part of "double opt-in" refers to the process by which the initial sign up confirms his or her action. This reduces the risk of becoming labeled a "spammer" and helps to encourage the creation of an interested, highly responsive list.

All of this points to one key spot along the list-building chain. It's the point at which the prospect confirms list membership. If you lose them here, you're not going to get them back. If you get that confirmation, you have another lead to with what to work.

So, what can you do to encourage that essential confirmation? Here are a few ideas.

Warn them. Let them know what's happening and why. Tell them on your squeeze page that after they sign up they'll receive a confirmation email and that they will need to confirm their completion of the page in order to join the list. If they know what's coming, they'll be more likely to follow through. Additionally, this gives you a chance to build your own credibility by explaining that this measure is undertaken as a means of preventing spam.

Customize it. Your autoresponder service or script should allow you to customize your confirmation email. Take advantage of the opportunity. Remind the user of what they signed up for, that they knew the confirmation email was coming, and because they should immediately confirm their membership by clicking on the provided link. Do not rely on a simple "click here to confirm" message. Make it meaningful and persuasive.

If you do those things, you can improve your confirmation rates and increase your list size. If you do not, you risk losing some strong potential customers at the point of confirmation. Considering how little effort it takes to make confirmation clear, any serious list marketer should seriously consider the recommendations of this opt-in tutorial.

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