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Opt In List Building – Starting Your Own Opt In List

You have heard it before, and I am telling you again, there is a lot of money to be made in opt in list building. The money to be made in opt in list building is because when you opt in people to your list, you can develop a relationship with them, and ever share with them products, on which you earn a commission, or create and sell yourself, that Add value to their own lives or businesses.

That is really the bottom line with opt in list building. You have to create an opt in list of like minded individuals who have a shared interest in something. I happen to have an opt in list of people who like to list build and can share ideas about list building and I send them information about how to do it better.

So what about you? What are you really good at? Maybe you like cars, or to knit, or to write stories. You could make a list of people who like to do any of those things. And then once you get to know the people on your list, you can find affiliate products, where you make a commission for selling or sharing them, and let the people on your list know about these products you like and use in your area of ​​expertise .

You see, opt in list building is all about finding people who like to do the same kinds of things that you do, and you just help them get better, and make some spare money at the same time.

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