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Online Job Opportunities?

With almost everyone becoming net savvy, individuals have started thinking that if you start up a website, or look up an online job opportunity, you will start earning money right away. I am not saying this is something you should not try, but people with zero to very less knowledge are jumping in on this, and start expecting they will make it big fast. Well, people who are making money online, by working just a few hours worked tremendously at some point in time, even putting in 12-14 hours each day. They made their skills worthwhile, learnt how to work on new things, and most of all, never lost patience.

If you are one of those looking for free money online, you should consider polishing your skills first. I am an active member of some forums, classifieds, blogs, and everywhere I see, people offering online jobs, different affiliate products. Sometime, just by looking at the contents of the website or blogs, it is very easy to judge how much the person knows about their field of expertise. My suggestion to those struggling in the online world,

1) Acquire an adequate skill set. Making a first good impression on your online audience is way better than having them visit once to your website and never visit you again.

2) Do not expect Google AdSense, other affiliate programs to start paying you as soon as you sign up with them and have put up the code in your website.

3) Do not expect instant traffic to your website as soon as you launched it. You know about your website, other don’t. You have to let everyone know by bringing it to a good ranking in search engines.

4) Do not expect your PR to shoot up as soon as you submit your website link to high PR directories.

5) Do not pay any upfront fees for anyone offering to pay for surveys, online job opportunities and typing jobs. Legitimate companies do not require any membership fees since they are expected to pay their employees.

6) Do not disclose your personal information, bank accounts or credit card information.

7) Most importantly, work hard and work smart.

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