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Online Email Marketing – 3 Shocking Myths About Email Marketing

Like It Or Not, Online Email Marketing Is Alive, and Kicking!

Perhaps you may have been privileged enough to live through the so called ‘golden years’ of Internet wealth. The yesteryears way of being able to generate wealth at the click of a button and spamming everyone around the globe with the cost of less than a coffee cup a day.

Those days are gone mister. Yet you might even caught the occasional doom sayers of the tech age touting the fall of online email marketing. Let me be the first to tell you that this is just the beginning of the greatest opportunities to market online of all times.

Myth 1: Email Marketing Is Dead, Buried In The Backyard

Watch out for this statements. For they come from no more than mere mediocre marketers online. People now rely on video and sms for communication for greater speed and efficiency but keep in mind that email is still alive.

Your mild mannered wealthy marketer next door is creating tremendous prosperity simply by harnessing the power of online email marketing. This is because more than 2 third of the worlds online community feeds on this.

Myth 2: Spam Marketing Still Works

The sad thing is that most people who got this excitement late in this age are still being taught the stuff that is long gone. Here is where you must be wise because although online email marketing is alive today you can’t just think that spamming works.

You can certainly generate great marketing results legally and ethically. This is called trust marketing and being able to spur your customers to interact with you is the best way to create that ‘buying atmosphere’ among your promising prospects.

Myth 3: Copy, Paste and Reap The Results

Please promise me one thing if you don’t get anything out of the 3 myths above. You need to really embed this into your mind and your heart if you are to be successful online.

Many times I see marketers trying to feed others with a fool proof copy and paste email marketing system. This is commonly known in multi-tier programs and such are network marketing programs. These don’t actually work.

So, What Actually Works?

Without spoiling your mood for any kind of online email marketing I’d like to say that the opportunities are vast. You will of course have to first recognize that your own style creates a personality of your own. People who like you will be drawn to purchase to do business with you. Just be yourself and you will succeed in the long run.

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