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No Regrets – Only Lessons

We have all been there. We have looked back in the past and said, "wow, what was I thinking? Biggest mistake of my life."

Can you really tell me that you have not done that? All I have to say to that is, it was a big lesson learned in life. Most of us are looking in the rear view mirror while trying to drive ahead. See I could look back and say that I made the biggest mistake by having a kid with such a deceiving person but that does not change anything nor do I feel that way. You have to be able to forgive not just yourself but also the other person. Free yourself from the hatred you carry around in your heart because that burden is only drowning you. Not being able to forgive puts you in a victim mentality and you sit there drinking poison while wishing the other person would die.

Guess what?

The other person is living with no concern about you. The only person you are hurting is yourself.

My son is the largest blessing in my life and without him I would not have half of the motivation that I have to keep going. My passion wakes me up everyday feeling blessed that God has given me another day to work towards my dream. I have a purpose in life and no one or nothing will stop me from getting it. I can not stress enough about how important it is to move on from the past life lessons, put it behind you and grow from it.

I'm not asking you to forget your past completely because it has taught you so much but I'm asking you to let it go, put the burdens down of the past and keep moving forward. It's not about who you were. It's not about who you are. It's not about what choices you adapted to and the decisions you made. It's about what you are deciding to become; The choices and habits you're adapting to on a daily basis. It's about you doing it faithfully and consciously.

That's what moving ahead looks like. I do not need to tell you who you are. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how incredibly amazing you are and how far you have come. Look ahead and rise up. This is your time; Do not allow anyone to interfere in it. Drop the baggage from the past and live a little.

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