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Niche Marketing – Going Deep Into Obscure Topics

The concept of niche marketing has been around for some time. Lots of people now make money out of small sites that revolve around very specific topics. Like everything else online though, this income generating model has evolved for the better. Whether you’ve been into this for years or just discovering it, you can capitalize on better strategies.

In the past, this field used to be less complicated. The basic idea behind it was to look for underachieving market areas. These venues for making cash were around but often had low marketer competition because they had obscure topics. Clever marketers would pick these lesser known areas, research on the level of customer presence or need and then make or find e-books to sell in relation to them. In most cases, those who used this niche internet marketing model settled on a wide array of topics. They could have close to a hundred or even more mini sites, each with specific products to sell. Spreading wide was necessary in order to earn more.

A newer approach to this model no longer requires marketers to spread wide. They can now choose to focus on fewer specific topics. This can make better sense, considering that it is easier to promote or market a limited number of sites. Some however are doubtful that they can succeed at this new approach. This is simply because mini sites with obscure topics don’t have a lot of customers. How can marketers make a lot of cash when they only focus on limited niche markets? The answer is simpler than you think. All that needs to be done is to go deep into your limited areas of concentration.

Going deep doesn’t mean you have to create bigger, more complex websites. What it means is that you just have to find other new products to sell to your existing customer base. Depending on your topic, people who have bought your primary e-book may be more than happy to buy other information products related to the topic of your site. This strategy will allow you to manage fewer sites without necessarily subtracting from your profit potential.

This newer approach to niche marketing will obviously require a little more effort. You need to spend more time on market research before you even launch a site. What you need to determine now besides the existence of a customer base is the depth of a specific topic. Some topics are shallow in the sense that you can only sell one or two related products. An e-book about heartburn for instance is somewhat of a dead end because there is little else that you can sell your customers after they’ve found out how to solve heartburn. Always look for a topic that has various branches to it that passionate individuals would be happy to discover.

People still actually make money out of the old niche internet marketing model. If you want to improve the way you manage your sites and the manner in which you generate income, you should explore the new approach to it. You might find this a far better way of doing things.

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