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Niche Blog Income for Beginners – Success With Blogging

Generating an income and success with niche blogging for beginners is not as difficult as some may believe. There are many ways to make money online, but blogging in general has always been the most solid way to accomplish this. Let's see why this platform can create success for you from the comfort of your home.

The real question is usually, "why is niche blogging the best way to generate an income," and the answer is simple, visibility. With all the hype from so-called internet marketing guru products over the years, it amazes me how they never taught what can not be found can not be sold. If you can not be found online, you can not generate the traffic you need to generate an income here.

Content Rich Blogging

The one downside to most people is that any success within this platform will consist of creating rich content. Content creation is the only way however to get found online, unless you plan on spending every dime you have on PPC, PPV or tons of cash on CPA. Still, you will need to have a solid presence and brand built online regardless. Let's take a look at how easy it is for the beginner to take advantage of blogging and what you will need to know.

There are a few fundamentals to creating this type of website that get's ranked and the first is doing your research on the specific niche you intend to dominate. The others you will see next are mostly based upon online marketing knowledge of how to rank well with your content rich blog.

1. Niche Research: Finding a small niche that you know something about will cut down on your learning curve. This will cut it down literally to only understanding search engine optimization which in and of itself is easy to learn. You can start by going through your hobbies first and then onto the research of the traffic based around that hobby.

2. Keywords and Phrases: Understanding how it truly works with keywords and keyword phrases can become a little daunting when seeing all the different theories form the so-called guru's out here. Remember this, create your content around the individuals who are looking for the answers you have, not the search engines. Learning keyword research however is a must because this will help to more target your audience and what they are searching for.

3. Blog Creation: Can we all say "WordPress!" This is one of the best platforms for not only professional websites, but literally is more aimed at all things blogging. There is a small learning curve here, but with all the free information online, this learning curve for beginners can be cleared up in a single day.

4. Internet Marketing: This generally speaking will consist of learning to master other platforms online such as; Video Marketing, Article Marketing, Social Bookmarking, Link Building, Forum Marketing and even the over saturated, Social Media Marketing. All these platforms can be tied into your efforts within your niche and are also easy to learn.

When You Talk, People Listen

Blogging is all about sharing information. Some would believe that Facebook is the largest social media platform, but 10-1 blogging beats the heck out of it by far. See, the interesting part that most people do not understand is that people DO WANT TO KNOW what you know about your particular niche. Look at the statistics based around what you are thinking about producing right now at Google Keyword Tool, seriously, go ahead and save this page and look.

Once of the bigger issues yet is, what people will think of YOU when you create it. If I worried about what people would think of me all the time I would never accomplish anything, so forget what they think and give them the information anyway. The content you create will not only come through typed in words, but through video as well. For those of us who have found success online understand that video is 60% of our traffics retention on our blogs.

How Much Income Can You Make?

How much income even a beginner can generate is all up to their individual effort. Some may believe it is based solely upon the niche itself, this is not exactly true. This will be mostly based upon the effort you put forth creating the content within your blog and how you combined that with other platforms online to build your brand awareness. Learn how to effectively use everything you can and apply it with every page or post you create.

Different platforms could and can create a faster income than others, take for example local blogging. Local blogs can create two streams of income, both passive affiliate income and a residual income from local advertising. This particular niche is both low in competition and high in search volume, no joke. Of the searches done every day online 75% are local in nature and are made up of people searching for products, services and simply put, just things to do.

Niche blog income and creating a successful income online for beginners will be based on what you know about creating a solid presence and the skills required to create content that converts. While some may think this is complicated, think about this; what do you know about your favorite things to do, your hobbies and, can you put it into words, images and videos? That is all it really takes to find success online.

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