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Network Marketing – Belief In Yourself Alone Will Not Work Without Works

"Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone." – James 2:17

What the scripture's simply saying, is that belief without action does not work! In other words, if you apply this to your Network Marketing business, you can hope for the best and have faith (which simply means faith by the way); you can have the right "mindset" all day long, but if you do not have effort behind the "mindset", your goals will never come to pass.

In order for you to reach your goals successfully, you must take action every day doing things that may be tedious but helpful to your cause. A lot of people live their lives with ambitiousopes and dreams, but when it comes to hard work (which always pays off in the end), we give up before we reach the point of breakthrough.

Belief and effort working together at the same time is a very powerful force! For example, if you have all the ingredients to bake a cake, and you do not put it in the oven, then how do you expect to bake the cake? You have the belief that the cake will be made, but if you never take action by mixing the ingredients and actually putting the cake in the oven, you would not be eating cake, now would you?

If you do not work toward your goals, how can you ever expect to obtain them? The number 8 in the Bible signifies new beginnings, I believe that if you put your faith in action in 2008, you will accomplish great success in your Network Marketing business.

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