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Network Marketing and MLM – 10 Easy Tips For Success

If you have attempted to build a network marketing or MLM business in the past and found it to be hard … and perhaps not for you, and you are a bit fearful of getting your hopes up only to be let down yet again, then These 10 easy but insightful guidelines spelled out here is a must read for successful network marketing.

Tip 1. You have got to persist in being positive and think positive thoughts. Holding firm with a positive mindset and feeling good concern what you are doing will have a substantial influence on your results. Now every ordinary human being goes through times of feeling some negativity & wondering if it is all worth it … or wondering if I will in actual fact get this happening. But this is precisely when you HAVE TO do what you do not feel like doing … and drag your thoughts into line, ie. Adjust your thoughts. If you allow yourself to remain feeling dejected you will most likely suffer discouraging or negative thoughts and your results will be negatively affected. Successful network marketing particularly … and achievement in general requires personal development … you MUST decide to develop into the person you have to be grow to be in order to be successful.

Tip 2. Continually discipline yourself to refer back to your "WHY" and teach yourself to maintain focus on the benefits for you. In particular, BEWARE of the dream stealers. More often than not they will be discovered in your group of personal friends and family. These people, well meaning as they might be, will be the "bad guys" here as they will not believe in you, or want you to enlarge to become that "success" person. They have never been prepared to do it and they will not want you to either. For you to realize the extraordinary rewards that are possible in a successful network marketing or MLM enterprise you will have to grow very much, and that necessitates change.

Tip 3. Inviting … or "recruiting" is what every successful network marketing business is built on. Most MLM & network marketing companies … as well as up-lines teach you to make a list of family, friends, everyone you know etc. Now this is perfectly fine … and it does work to a degree. Many millions of $$$ have been made in the past & are still being made by people who are successful at doing it this way. I think the companies train this way because it sounds much simpler and much less intimidating to the vast majority of people, in particular folks who may be a little older, than teaching methods using the internet. With the "time-honored" training, most interested people walk away believing "I reckon I can do this". Neverheless the internet is an effortless way to get hold of a lot of people. Successful network marketing tends to be an exercise in numbers. The more people you connect with the greater chance you have of finding that capable new rep. Because of the intense numbers you can deal with online it is necessary that you have a system to sift and sort (actually this is true for conventional methods as well).

Tip 4. You will want to learn to "target market". It is only commonsense that it is very difficult to "sell" something to a person who is either interested nor looking. This is strictly what happens with the customary methods of building your business … and greatly why so many get discouraged and finally give up. Most of your family & friends etc. Typically they are not looking for a business of any kind. It is a lot easier to promote what you're offering to a hungry crowd who are keenly looking for what you have, rather than one you need to educate that they have a need for what you have before they will even have a look.

Tip 5. You will need to be prepared to invest in your own learning. If you have been educated & trained as an engineer, or carpenter, or teacher, or whatever you may have been doing as a career … do you really imagine it is real to presume that you will be able to be a successful network marketer Just by signing up and doing aa small number of basic company training meetings. Your physician 100's of 1000's of $$$ training to become a capable doctor. But if one day he determined he wanted to construct him a dwelling … would you count on him to be successful at that … unless he did whatever was required to learn and acquire the required skills and knowledge. He would have to learn … or be taught … how to build a house … and then he would have to refine the practical skills required. This would take some time and would happen little by little as he performed the tasks. In fact, to begin with his workmanship or speed would not be comparable with an experienced builder. It will be very similar when you start your MLM or network marketing business. It will have cost him some money and time to learn how to build a house. Expect that you will have to be prepared to pay in order to learn the business building skills and obtain the tools. This need not be a lot of money … just understand that investing in your education will be critical if you are genuine about having a successful network marketing business, changing your life, and realizing your dreams.

Tip 6. You are asked to become a product of your companies product or service. Your personal testimonial will be one of your most used and powerful tools. If it has worked for you, chances are, it will work for your customers as well.

Tip 7. Gather testimonials and personal experiences from successful people involved in your MLM business. Same applies to customers. Even better if you can set up 3 way calls with your prospect and the business testimonials so your prospect can listen to them personally and ask questions directly.

Tip 8. You must brand yourself as a leader. Every prospect you speak to wants to have a successful network marketing business. Your prospects are looking for a leader and mentor. Appreciate that few if any of your prospects in fact care about your company. Very, very few will join because of the products … and they do not mostly care about your company management. They will be asking themselves two questions. 1 … Can I do this? And 2 … Can this person help me be successful?

Tip 9. You have got to be coach-able, you have to be teachable and you have to be prepared and ready to change. (Refer back to tip 1) All great leaders are coach-able and willing to change. You can not become a great leader if you are not eager to extend yourself out of your "comfort zone" and work at becoming the person you should be in order to succeed. Network marketing and MLM business is not a "personality" thing. Any personality can be successful … all personalities will need to change and grow in different areas. It depends on whether you are ready to take the journey. If so … you will succeed … and if not you will not succeed. Of course this applies to any area of ​​life. Remember … you can have a million dollars … or you can have a million excuses … but you absolutely can not have both. Being receptive to coaching is what will give you access to growth and change and becoming an exceptional leader. And believe me … great leadership is needed to build a successful network marketing business.

Tip 10. Become a great listener. You were created with 2 ears and 1 mouth, so learn to listen at least twice as much as you speak. People will never care about how much you know until they know how much you care about them. Get to know them, the names of their partner, their family, their dreams etc. Do not just be a "recruiter", be a "sponsor". In all aspects of your successful network marketing business people do not hear what you are saying … they hear who you are being. So buy a big roll of duct tape and apply freely to your mouth whenever you are talking to a prospect. Ask questions about them and let them speak … after all it is not about you … it is all about them.

Successful network marketing is a business concept that has the power for you to make a remarkable residual income. If it is done correctly the 1st time you will continue to receive that income for the reminder of your natural life, and you will build a legacy you can leave to your family unit when you depart this earth.

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