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My Affiliate Power Site Review – "Is This a Legitimate Opportunity?"

My Affiliate Power Site in review is an Internet based affiliate business opportunity that is touting a hands free system of making money online. This system is also based in the multilevel marketing industry through recruiting new members. So is this a legitimate business opportunity?

My Affiliate Power Site is a multilevel marketing affiliate commission based business opportunity. The system does claim that within 48 hours any individual can start making money without any work involved, of course this is only good sales copy and as many of us know, work is involved. The system is designed around affiliate marketing which in essence the member will sign up with the products and services that are available through the program and begin marketing them. This of course will be done through a replicated site which by no means guarantees traffic, this will take effort and some knowledge with Internet marketing.

The commission is built first upon the affiliate products and the percentage that the member will make on each sale. This system also comes with its own residual income building affiliate compensation plan based on selling the program itself. This will come through multilevel making. The commission will be a small percentage of the new business that is recruited through the down line that is built by each member and this to will take work and time to build. With many opportunities online with smaller investment fees usually means a smaller commission and will require many sales constantly to create a substantial income.

My Affiliate Power Site is a legitimate business opportunity for a simple sign up fee of $50 dollars and will give you the few programs to start selling as well as the replicated site. There is a learning curve to Internet marketing as those of us who are successful know and this takes time to learn. There truly is no totally “hands free” system to making money online, but through solid effort and training success can be found online.

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