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MLM Facebook Marketing Tip – Spend a Lot of Time on Your Profile

MLM Facebook Tips.

Social media is a network marketing dream! Never before in history has there ever been such an opportunity to have access to millions of like-minded people such as yourself who are interested in the same thing you are!

Financial freedom!

If you're having trouble using an MLM Facebook account, here are some specific MLM Facebook tips to get you on your way so that you can truly bring Facebook to network marketing and put your downline on steroids !!

MLM Facebook Advice for your profile.

Definitely ensure you add a photo, and fill out all your hobbies and interests etc. This is really crucial because you need to let people know what you're all about. Leaving all this information blank is not going to help you. Transparency is what builds trust with an MLM Facebook account. Remember the 3 golden rules of Internet Marketing: 1. Nobody knows you. 2. Nobody likes you. 3. Nobody trusts you. These are the hurdles you need to overcome with Facebook MLM.

The power of an MLM Facebook account.

Bringing network marketing to Facebook is nothing short of brilliant, as you can basically keep in touch with THOUSANDS of like-minded people in what you have to offer. And with hundreds of millions of users – you will never be short of prospects. Nothing is more powerful than WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING!

But get this – even better – nothing is more powerful than WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING to thousands of Facebook leads! The reach you have is absolutely enormous. * Note * Remember when marketing on Facebook – it's a social site and not a place for selling. Spamming this and that about your opportunity is going to destroy you in any type of social media network marketing you do. The way to build your network marketing business on any social media sites is first and foremost about RELATIONSHIPS – that's right … Honest, genuine real relationships.

"But Luke, if I'm not going to pitch my opportunity to these people how do I sign them into my primary business?"

Excellent question.

Basically as all top marketers know you have to use a natural law which is as real as gravity – and this is called the law of reciprocity. What you give will always come back to you. It has to. Basically statistics reveal that 30% of network marketers are currently unhappy with their current opportunity.

The more MASSIVE VALUE you can give to your MLM Facebook friends in the form of blog posts and great information which will help them build their business – the more people will naturally become interested in you and will actually want to work with you – because you know how to generate MLM Facebook leads!

Because you are demonstrating that you know what you are doing the only logical choice will be to join you in your business. Your MLM Facebook marketing strategy needs to be solely focused around this – PROVIDING VALUE! This is called 'Attraction Marketing'.

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