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Mastermind Blogs – Advantages, Tips and How To Start

I have been in mastermind groups for a couple of years. I find them extremely helpful and now an essential part of doing business. I've read a lot of articles and books about how to have a successful mastermind group. My groups have gotten better over time because the ideas I read about. An idea of ​​mine that my second mastermind group has started using is a mastermind blog.

We use our private mastermind blog to keep accounting in between meetings. This has been extremely beneficial. We can post what action items we worked on that day, or a resource that we found helpful.

For me, this has really spurred me on to get my items done on a more consistent basis. Doing something each day to meet my goal for next mastermind meeting instead of spurts of activity every other day.

Because the blog is private it really does not matter where you create it. Our mastermind group is using Blogger , but you could easily use WordPress . Once all the members of your group join the blog be sure to remember and have the person that created it mark it as private so no one else can read it. Then everyone can start blogging.

Keep in mind that your public blog for your readers is separate. That blog should be completely open and public for your readers. Having a domain name for it is helpful as people will think you are more professional.

Mastermind blogs are an excellent way to keep your mastermind group alive, thriving and in touch.

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