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Marketing Direct Using The Internet

At no time in history has the development of information technology been so frantic and all-encompassing as now. It is not just a buzzword but the in-thing permeating all facets of business, making man and computer work harmlessly and efficiently and communicate more efficiently. Especially in marketing, information technology has shaped how the marketers interact with the various segments of the public and customers at large.

Marketing has become more interactive with the distribution logistics better managed via on-line platforms, and product getting to the customers faster and cheaper. The convenience enjoyed by customers who have access to the internet is actually incredible. Customers can now shop right at home by surfing the web, comparing product characteristics, qualities, prices, payment terms, credit terms and so on. In fact, the importance of the web can not be over emphasized as it supports marketing in the following ways;

(a) Effective and efficient delivery
(b) Instantaneous transactions
(c) Less stressful and reduced cost of transaction
(d) Large coverage area and international market

Furthermore, transactions and payment settlements are easier on the network. it all involves the customer use of smart card, electronic wallet and internet banking. Even though payments are sooner to fraud, as in other transactions, with adequate insurance they are less cumbersome than cash transaction. More of these internet operators have been more security conscious than before. Any fraud done on the internet now can be traced to the fraudsters. The use of internet for marketing has increased tremendously. Many goods are now being offered for sale through the website. E-commerce is becoming a big phenomenon in the world of business. Have you ever imagined the stress in going from one office to another in search of a product? It is tiresome and stressful and that is why everyone in the world over must embrace the magic of E-marketing.

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