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Marketing and Advertising Tips for Law Firms

As recently as 10-15 years ago, law firms rarely looked at advertising and marketing seriously. Clients usually came through referrals and personal networking.

Times have changed. With enormous competition in the market, law firms are finding it necessary to invest in advertising and marketing to promote awareness about their services. While the basic principles of advertising and marketing management remain the same, certain modifications may be needed to create strategies that will specifically benefit law firms.

Some of these areas are discussed below.

1. Identification of Target Customers

The first step is to identify your target customers. If your firm specializes in corporate law dealing specifically with environmental issues, your target could be companies that manufacture industrial products or construction companies that require environmental clearances. Ensuring that your marketing strategies are specifically targeted makes them more cost-effective as you get greater returns. Online marketing strategies should also focus on your niche by linking to and advertising on relevant websites.

2. An Effective Law Website

For your law website to be effective, you must have original, relevant content and make certain that the site is search engine optimized (SEO), which ensures that your website has a high-ranking in search engine results pages.

The site must describe your services and previous successes, as well as have testimonials and knowledgeable articles on important points of law that people may not be clear about. You should also offer some simple advice online. When potential clients trust your services, they will be more likely to come to you with their business.

The home page should have relevant information about your services so that prospective clients can know if you will be able to help them. You should display contact details prominently in order for people to get in touch with you easily. Testimonials that you post will inspire confidence about your services and may influence potential clients to come to you. Choose your images carefully to ensure they do not overwhelm the website. They should add value and clarity and make the site look attractive.

3. Networking Tips for Lawyers

Word of mouth still remains a popular method that people use to hire lawyers, so networking is particularly important. You can arrange talks about relevant legal topics for companies, which would provide an opportunity to network with decision-makers and possibly meet a prospective client or two. You may also discover an opportunity for more work with an existing client. Make sure you attend functions organized by professional legal associations in your city and state. You will have an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other legal professionals. You should also network online on such social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

4. Best Ways to get More Clients


The key here is that you should position yourself as an expert in a specific area of law. The best way to start is by building a blog online for your area of specialization. Contribute regularly to the blog and share links with other legal experts. As your blog develops, you may add more visitors and comments. Even if it does not become especially popular, you will still have a body of work to show that you are an expert and active in the field. Even if you cannot contribute to the blog yourself, you can hire a freelance writer to blog on your behalf. You can just give the writer details and subjects to write about.


You must develop a great website. Use your website as a potent marketing tool. Your website has good reach, and it costs much less to reach potential clients if you have organized it well. Specific details have been covered earlier.

Use of Print and Radio Media

You must also use media such as local newspapers or radio to attract local clients.

You can do this by writing informative columns in newspapers and participating in talk shows on local radio. Such involvement may take a little time to get going, but once you develop this niche, it will self-perpetuate.

Look for innovative connections or partnerships that are mutually beneficial. For example, if you offer prenuptial agreement service, you may benefit from working with wedding planners or any associated service provider.

5. Competition Analysis for Law Firms

Competition analysis is essential for designing effective marketing strategies. Find out how your competitors’ websites rank in the search engine results page. Are they higher than yours? In that case, you can get tips from their website design. Does your website follow SEO norms? It is a good idea to find out about what services are offered by your competitor and the pricing. If you discover that your closest competitor is charging a lower price than you are for a particular service, the easiest thing to do would be to lower your own price, but doing so is not the best approach. Potential clients may even react negatively. Remember, marketing is all about perception. The right strategy would be to position your service as offering more value for the clients’ money than your competitors can and making sure you deliver what you promise. No one will even remember that your prices are higher.

The Golden Rules

1) Identify your target customer group and focus on them.

2) Build a great website and use it to grow your business.

3) Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to network with peers and clients.

4) Become a specialist on radio and in local print media.

5) Analyze the competition carefully.

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