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Making Money Selling Plants, Trees, Shrubs on the Internet

How to make money selling plants, trees, etc on the Internet can be done using several methods. The first key to making money is to take advantage of the newest growing interest in the green industry. Many people who have never grown so much as a house plant are now seriously considering trying to grow small gardens or patio gardens. City dwellers that do not have the space normally are interested in finding new ways to incorporate plants into their everyday lives for better living and to save money.

A good question to ask when selling plants, trees, etc. on the Internet can be; what kind of plants are you going to offer? You could offer a website online that has different tabs for vegetable plants, seeds, annuals and bi-annuals, tropical plants and houseplants. Let us not forget the insect eating varieties or natural insect repelling plants. The green industry is a strong growing concept to many environmentally minded gardeners who do not want to use chemicals in their gardening efforts.

Watering gardening is also popular and you could certainly cash in on the growing trend for water gardening that has become so popular throughout the United States. Many gardeners need water plants, bog plants, fish breeding floating plants, small trees and shrubs to decorate their lily ponds. Water gardening offers just another way to market how to make money selling plants, trees, etc. on the Internet. Adding garden statues, bird baths and other decorative products could be a money making addition to your website.

Also focus on one area, such as herbs. The Internet is all about niches. Herbs are more widely grown in certain parts of the country now than vegetable plants. Herbs are easy to grow and transplant easy. You could offer herbs in plant, seedling and seeds. Many herbs can be sold as a growing sprout kit which could make you a nice profit. Herbs come in so many various shapes, sizes and forms from bushy plants, tubers, sprouts, shrubs and vines.

You could even offer products such as tea infusers, dehydrators and growing mediums for different kinds of herbs. A great idea is to focus on specialty plants such as fruiting shrubs, dwarf fruit trees, ornamental and house plants. Pictures of plants in full bloom would look pleasing on a website and draw the eye to your products site. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words and most Internet searchers would not stay on a page where they get eyestrain from the white page when the wording begins to blur. Keep your customers attention on your Internet site by adding some clear colorful pictures of the plants you intend to sell.

When selling stuff on the Internet, do not forget the importance of posting your site to search engines. You cannot sell anything if your customers can not find you. Word of mouth is a great tool to use and you should take advantage of using an email program that will email periodically any specials, new products, etc to your list of potential buyers. Incorporating an online Internet company newsletter could also help you build a potential customer email base by offering a free newsletter to potential buyers who stop by your site to take a look. A free newsletter is an attention grabber that can help keep a buyer on your site longer.

Do not forget the importance of traffic! Foot traffic is where you have a brick and mortar store. An Internet site needs traffic to or you would not have any customers. Traffic is important to your site but make sure if you buy traffic that you are getting quality traffic, not page leapers. Quality traffic is targeted traffic. You want traffic directed to your site that is actually looking for the products you are selling. There are sites where you can buy traffic cheaply but beware you get what you pay for. You do not want someone looking for baby bottles being redirected to your site for growing plants. They would not stay long.

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