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Make Your MySpace Blog Readable – 3 Simple Tips

I know what you're thinking: "Who's anyone to tell me what I should write in my blog!"

You've got it wrong. I'm not concerned about the content of your blog; I'm just interested in the form it takes and how hard it is to look at it for any length of time.

Have you tried to read a blog that is more than a hundred words and given up?

How come?

There are three main reasons:

1. The font is waaayyy too small.

2. The font color makes it blend into the background.

3. There's no paragraphing.

Fixing any one of these on your blog will make it more readable, more enjoyable, more understandable. Fixing all three will get you lots more attention and more comments. Is not that what you want in the first place? to get your thoughts out there and get a reaction from all your friends on MySpace?

When you choose to post a new blog entry, you're presented with your input page. You'll see pulldown menus for "font" and "size." Choose 3 or 4 for the size. This gives you an easily readable font – a joy for your viewers!

In the toolbar, you'll notice the letter "A" with an underline: this is your font color. What are we looking for here to get a good readable color? The answer is CONTRAST: if your backround is dark – choose a light font color; if the background is light – choose a dark font color. Sounds almost logical, right!

Now- paragraphing. Who wants to read one loooong mess o 'words? Not me. When I see a paragraph of hundreds of words without a break – I give up. I just think it's too much work to read to the end and say, "I'm just not THAT interested."

You do not want that to happen to YOUR work – thoughts you've broken a sweat over to express.

So, add some line breaks. Hit the return button on your keyboard once in a while. To make a clean, new paragraph, hit the button TWICE to add a blank line between paragraphs.

Do those three things above, and you'll have blog that your viewers will devour with pleasure instead of skipping over.

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