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Make My Own Website – Stop WordPress Spam With Akismet

WordPress is the ideal tool to make your own website run smoothly with minimum maintenance. To make sure it stays that way, there are some plugins you need to install. Akismet is one of them.

Akismet has been the longest running and the best anti-spam tool available for bloggers and website developers to be used for WordPress. During its launch and early days, Akismet was aimed to be integrated to a separate plug-in for WordPress. But because of its reliable performance, Akismet is now packaged with every WordPress installation.

For more than 5 years in the market, Akismet has been able to protect millions of WordPress sites from spam pollution. It is able to do it using both of the following techniques.

  • Akismet employs a filtering system that monitors comments on WordPress posts by determining comments that are post repeatedly. It can also detect comments that are written but may have no relevance to the WordPress post made.
  • Akismet has the capability to monitor trackback pings too.

When Akismet detects comment or trackback ping spam, it immediately issues a flag that such action results to spamming.

Then, it protects the WordPress website from spamming by:

  • Flagging the comment as spam and the commenter as a spammer.
  • Preventing the spam comment to get reposted on the WordPress website.
  • If a user repetitively violates spam rules, he is permanently flagged as a spammer and can no longer place comments on any post in the WordPress website.

A WordPress World without Akismet

The blogosphere could have been in total chaos due to spam flooding without Akismet. The presence of Akismet allowed things to be in order in the WordPress world. Without Akismet, WordPress websites would have been:

  • Overflowing with comments that are directly copied and pasted over and over again.
  • Filled with useless comments
  • Spam will be prevalent and serious problems like database crashes or loss of storage space may occur.
  • In the reader’s point of view, spam-filled website is annoying.

The benefits that Akismet provided its users are:

  • A significant number of spam has been prevented from being posted in WordPress website leaving bloggers and website developers worry-free.
  • Its automatic processing against spam eliminated manual monitoring and deletion of spam by website owners.
  • Continuous improvement allows better ways to detect spam.
  • For personal blogging, Akismet is made available for no charge via free API keys.
  • For commercial blogging, Akismet is offered for a price due to its added protection. Yet, it is ensured that this price is very much affordable.

How to Use Akismet

With the latest WordPress with you, here are the 3 simple steps to make Akismet up and running for you.

  • Download Akismet plug-in
  • Upload the file you obtained to the plug-ins directory in your WordPress website
  • Activate it using the plug-ins menu in WordPress and enter your API key. The API key can be obtained from Akismet website for free (registration is needed). You can use this key for more than one website.

After entering the API key, spam will only be a part of history for you.

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