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Make More Money Online Working From Home

For instance, lets say you have a site that you are sure is worth at least $10,000 and besides you know you could sooner or later find a buyer for it at that price. Nonetheless, after placing it up for auction it merely gets a $4500 bid. If you choose to deal it at the $4500 price could be determined by how badly you require the income, if you believe the site is going down, if you do not have time to go on trying to deal it and sustain it meanwhile, etc…

There are just too many factors involved.

My suggestion would be to sit down and get down all the factors involved. Put the pros of a price against the cons. I believe this way you’ll figure out what is a satisfactory price range and that’s essentially what you’re looking for. Think about keeping a lookout for what like sites have been dealt for on these websites. Be sure that the buyers will be doing the same thing. 

I believe that using auctions is the most effective way to sell them myself. This is because I think that having a set price bounds the bidding. If the possible customer only has one price they will do a decision right then and there and they will probably not come back to your sale. Play it smart, this way you’ll make more money working online if you’re in the website flipping business or any online business for that matter.

And when you are buying the sites – depending on the marketplace you will be able check out a buyer by looking at his profile, I have said that it is critical that you create positive feedback on your profile before you sell a thing. I will repeat this ad naseum because this just might be the difference between getting a good deal on your sites and going home ashamed with the offer you got. Likewise, you need to inspect your sellers carefully, check out their other buys, their other sales, look at their feedback and comments, see if they have been reported before, see if you can take a look at their other posts in forums, etc. If you are not able to find much about them, ask questions, if they are serious about selling their sites, you will get good answers.

Make your decision based on the info that you get your hands on and think about what you found out, this will save you trouble and money and it doesn’t take a lot of time.

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