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Make Money Online – You Are Too Lazy to Become Financially Independent

You are too lazy to become financially independent. Why would I make a statement like that? There are literally millions of people who say they are tired of working for someone else and that they want to be able to make money online earning a living that they can be proud of. If millions are saying those things why are they still working for the same company and putting in 12 hours per day away from home?

The brutally honest truth is that they talk a big game but when it comes down to it they do absolutely nothing to make it happen. They go through their lives wishing that they could become financially independent and hoping that it will just "happen" one day. Believe me; people do not become financially independent without working for it.

If you really want to make money online and earn a comfortable living you have to be ready to do what ever it takes to make that dream a reality. Here is what you need to do to get started.

1.) Get your Products

You can not sell if you have no product. You can create the products yourself, become an affiliate and sell products for others, or use a ghostwriter to create your products. How you get the product is really unimportant. What is important is that you have products.

You will need at least 2 products that are relevant to each other. The first you will give away for free and the second you will use as a one time offer.

2.) Get a Website

Go to a professional host and purchase hosting. Freebie hosts are next to useless when you are trying to start a respectable business.

3.) Build a Squeeze Page

This is the first page that your visitors will see when responding to your advertising. It should give them 2 choices and 2 choices only, submit their information or leave. That is it period.

4.) Get an Autoresponder

This is the work horse of the internet marketing business. Your autoresponder will manage the daily drudgery of adding and removing names and email addresses from your list, manage your outgoing newsletter messages, and provide you with the code to put on your squeeze page to build your list.

Load your autoresponder with a conformation letter, and a message that instructs those who have opted into your list on how to get their free product, and let it do its job.

5.) One Time Offer

This is where your second product comes into play. When a visitor chooses to opt into your list they will be presented with a one time offer page. The product on this page is not free.

6.) Publish a Newsletter

This is the meat and potatoes of making money online. Provide free high quality content to your readers as well as advertisements for your other products.

7.) Advertise

There are many ways to do this. Some are free and some are not. Free methods include article marketing, ad swaps, and co-registration campaigns. Paid advertising might include pay per click or joint ventures. Use every method possible to drive traffic to your squeeze page.

If you set yourself up with a few products, a website, a squeeze page, an autoresponder, one time offer page, and a newsletter you have everything that you need to make money online. On the other hand if you think that all of this is too much work then go back to your day job and stay there … you are too lazy to make money online.

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