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"Make Money Online" Schemes And Credibility Marketing

If you’re like me, you probably run an online business. You also probably have the practice of promoting something that you deem to be of exceptional value. Your clients love you, but you can’t seem to get enough clients.

Hmm. So we have a slight issue. You’re an expert at what you do but you don’t have the kind of pulling power to have more clients reach back to you… and it seems so tiring to have to keep pushing and reaching out to prospects. If you’re like that, my guess is that you’re just like any other marketer who has been told to build lists, create value, build more products and sell them like crazy. And probably, no one told you it’s such hard work!

I suppose you realize by now that these “killer products” are not the answer. Neither is a joint venture launch. I mean, the one thing that really sets apart powerful launches from measly launches is if you pay attention to this one thing.

Of course, by now, you know I’m talking about credibility and reputation. The trouble with most people is that they have no idea how to create credibility. To get your name out there, to become the go-to person… all these ideas are nothing more than concepts that the average person doesn’t realize is important. But as a marketer, you know for a fact that reputation is the most important commodity to get you to build your business on solid foundations. Allow me to elaborate how you can literally use your credibility to generate instant profits for you.

First, do you have a consistent profile on the internet? You see, most people will want to surf the internet to find “dirt” on you. Most of the time, it’s possible for literally anyone to post nonsense about another person online. But the discerning consumer will take a look at the majority. The raw number of positive posts versus negative posts about you will determine your credibility. It’s better if it is a third party post, but who says you can’t create these yourself! All you need to do is to latch on to some of the most powerful sites on the internet.,, and Create a profile of yourself that demonstrates the real you, and then redirect your profile to the pages that you want. Simple, yet few people have actually bothered to do this. The reason why you really ought to do this is because these pages have a high social status online, and also they tend to be favored by the Google gods. And by the way, everyone has different angles of them. If you happen to be a marketer of computers but also of travel, please for heaven’s sake create multiple profiles for each persona you have. That way, putting in promotional items that are related to your profile makes any affiliate recommendation so much more credible.

Second, are you at major events? Okay, okay… I haven’t had the opportunity to be at all major events in marketing myself. But I’m either at one, or creating one right here on my own territory in Asia. What does it mean to have successful events behind you? What will it mean for you to be able to team up with people to create an event that makes them go “wow”? If you are seen, that is the first step. People will need to be able to associate you and your mission. They need to go “have you talked to the SEO guy there” or “isn’t it interesting conversation with international business strategist Mr. X”. That way, you are recognized not just for being there, you are branded at the same time.

Finally, what kind of information are you putting out there? I have two basic principles for distributing information. First, you need variety. Sure, it’s not simple to be a master of information, but if you don’t start somewhere, where will you be? You’ll notice all kinds of marketers distributing different types of content and some of them are attractive and compelling. But more importantly, look at the variety that some people create. Junk! Instead, you will want to sift through the junk and really find people who are in multiple media. Have you written freely distributable reports that define who you are? Have you written articles on prominent sites online? Do you run a blog? Do you have a YouTube account? How about Twitter? Or Facebook? At the end of the day, you need to be seen, and the information you distribute is going to have to be exceptional. I know you can make that happen!

You’ll find that if you continue to produce baby steps, it accumulates over a period of time. It’s neither easy nor difficult! It’s necessary! Stephen Covey talks about this as Quadrant II activity – important stuff but not urgent. Hopefully you can get to a point where it is extremely urgent to build your credibility now. Your competitors are surely doing it… I doubt you want to bite their dust!

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