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Make Money Online – How to Turn a Viral Ebook Into a Lifetime of Income

If you have already written an eBook or have content that can be packaged into an ebook, then one of the ways you might make money online is to give it away or charge very little for it. How can you make money from a free ebook? Easy, you turn it into a viral eBook and have several compelling offers, affiliate links and other ways to make money inside your product.

Rather than explain how everything works, I thought I would share with you a success story from one of the biggest internet marketers around: Yanik Silver of fame.

Yanik had just launched his Instant Sales Letters product and came up with a great idea for a viral ebook. He asked a bunch of internet marketers to contribute their autoresponder email sequences to the product. He substituted his affiliate links for the product mentions in the emails, which meant that every time someone clicked on a link in the eBook and bought something, Yanik got a commission.

The name for the product was Autoresponder Magic which was short, memorable and compelling. It immediately told the buyer what the product was, which is always something to aim for when coming up with a title for your product (and website domain name).

Yanik sold Autoresponder Magic for the low price of $17. This was brilliant because the price was low enough to make it affordable and since it was something every beginning internet marketer needed, the product sold very well when it was launched.

The viral nature of the product kicked in when Yanik allowed people to distribute the eBook free to their list members by giving them free resale and distribution rights. There was also an option to have all the affiliate links in the eBook branded with the buyer’s links for a one-time fee of $199.

Yanik made over $10,000 in the first 3 days, but he has made many times that amount ever since he launched, thanks to all those affiliate links in the ebook.

Repeating Yanik’s Success – There is no reason why you cannot do the same thing with your eBook in your niche. Compile a product in your niche by asking the big-name experts to contribute an article or a few blog posts. When writing a short bio or referencing the expert’s products, insert your affiliate link.

Advertise Your Products Inside – Within the first few pages, you should have a full-page call to action to your readers. You want to get them clicking over to your website and signing up to get a free gift or special report. This is important because if people are passing around your ebook, you want to capture their names and email addresses so you can follow-up with them frequently (and promote your products to them).

Make It Easy to Give Away – Now all you have to do is make it super-easy for people to give away the product. They can do this by either pointing people to your squeeze page or directly giving it away via their own website. Perhaps you can create a video on your website explaining to people that they can give away your eBook or you might create some tools that make it easier for them to “tweet” about it on Twitter or create a blog post on their blog.

Making Even More Money – You might even consider charging a premium to have your buyers have the affiliate links in your eBook use their affiliate IDs, which will give them even more incentive to promote it to their readers. This will surely result in even more sales of your primary products you are advertising in the first few pages of your product.

In short, there are many things you can do to create viral ebooks that make money online for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why not get started today with creating your very own viral eBook – make that your very own profitable viral ebook!

Here is to your online success!

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