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Make Money Online – How to Create a Successful Profitable Online Website

I went from knowing nothing about websites to earning an average monthly income of $800 from my own website in just under a year. I’ll tell you how I did it and what I did to make my website successful and profitable.

A year ago I had no idea how to create a website or that within a year I’d have my own and be making double the income I was making from my part time job at the time. I am not a computer wizard or a high Tech genius in fact my HTML code writing abilities are very limited to this day.

When I discovered online potential

The idea of creating a website actually came from my friend. I was at his house one day and he was telling me about how he was looking on net about people how had successfully created a website and turned it into a profitable business by making money from advertising. I was really unsure about the idea at first, mainly because I had no idea how to create a website and secondly the amount of competition already on the web. Still there was something about the idea, an easy life, a chance to earn some extra cash, the potential of earning cash 24/7. As I got home that night I began researching “How to create a website” on Google and how easy or difficult it was going to be.

Me and my friend spoke about it a lot that week and then somehow the idea just fizzled away as if we both knew that creating a website and making it profitable was a lot harder to do, it sounded good when we were talking about it but to actually create one and generate enough traffic to make money from it was going to be almost impossible.

When the dream became reality

I’d almost given up on the idea of a crating a website when after doing a bit more research on hosts and where to get help, I came across a company call SBI, They offered to tutor me, create the script and help me decided what my site should be about. After giving it careful consideration and doing a bit more research into the company I decided that this was it this was where I get the means to create a website, all I had to do now was come up with the content and theme for my website.

The best theme to base a website

After a bit of tutoring from SBI, I came to realise that the best idea to base my websites theme/subject on was something that interested me, a hobby or passion maybe. This is very true to, it is so much easier writing about something you love or have a real interest in and already know about. I have a keen interest in card games (hence my website name) so I decided my sites subject would be on my favourite card game. I decided I would write about the rules, list tips and strategies and so on. I found that because I knew so much about my subject and love it so much it very easy to come up with the content.

Quality content is key!

To drive traffic to your website it must rank high with the search engines, and one way to do this is writing quality content. It does not matter if your site has 100 or 10,000 pages if the content is rubbish (it is not search engine friendly) then your site will never generate traffic and therefore not become profitable. Quality content is created around “key words” and key words are words or phrases that are used and searched regularly about that theme at search engines. When you are writing about a specific subject you should blend these key words into your content giving your website the best chance of been noticed by search engine spiders and therefore giving you a higher rank with the search engines. Every time someone searches for a pacific key word on Google or any other search engine, search engine spiders search for site’s with content that have these words embedded in it. I used Google ad words to give me a list of key words within my subject and would recommend others to use it for the same purpose.

Link Building

As soon as I felt my site had enough quality content (you should always be adding more content to your site) and the overall look of the site was satisfactory, the next step was to build quality links. A link can be inward (where a site’s URL is listed on another site therefore traffic can be incoming from another) or outgoing (URL links of other website listed where you can send traffic from your site to another) I was told that both type of links are just as important as the other, however I believe focusing a bit more on the inward links is probably more effective for your site. I researched on the internet where I could place my websites URL to gain a good link and web directories where a big option. If you search the web for “Top web directories” you should get a list fairly quickly. Some web directories are free others can cost quite a bit. I have only paid a few dollars for entry into a web directory (remember links are a must if you want to get noticed and rank well with the search engines), I did not have the money to pay for some of the expensive web directories then and even with the profits I am making now from my website, I still feel as though my traffic is steady enough that I did not need to pay that much for an entry at this moment in time.

The brilliance of article writing to drive traffic

So I had my subject, my sites theme and look, my quality content and inward and outgoing links yet my traffic was still very low and I was not getting noticed by the search engine spiders as quick as I’d hoped. I think partially it was my fault for writing about a subject that was so popular and competitive and at this point 6 months on I was getting an average of only 20 hits per day I was ready to give my dream of making money online up. However SBI who tutored me never gave up and there forms helped me to understand the importance of article writing. So I began to write articles about my site and about my experiences in the game and my traffic went through the roof. Article directories are a fantastic way of getting your site noticed and generating traffic. Of course now I write articles about how I have learnt what how it is possible to create a profitable online website, going from knowing very little at the start, to making my site work, Although I have a lot of content still to add and a lot of work to do on my site, I have still used a couple of affiliate advertising programs that helps me make a very healthy profit from my traffic.

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