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Make Money Online – How I’m Making Money Online

I know how to make money online, and you can do it too. Just keep in mind that there are many ways to do it, and I’m personally making money online using just a handful of the hundreds, if not thousands, of ways that are out there. I’ll briefly explain the ways that I’m making money via the Internet below.

  • My first and major source of income is eBay. I ship items out from the comfort of my home on a daily basis. I have found a source of product that I can get cheaply to sell it on eBay for a profit. Right now, at this point in time, this income stream is paying the bills. This is a stream of income that you can start today, and it won’t cost you much to get started.
  • The second way that I’m making money online is by building mini sites. Mini sites, in case you’re not familiar with them, are affiliate web sites, where you sell other peoples, or companies, stuff (ebooks and / or physical products) and you make a percentage of each sale. Sometimes as much as 75% on some ebooks. Wow!
  • The third way that I make money online is by video marketing. I do this by promoting a product via a video that I create. Let’s use golf as an example. I buy a domain name like, “http: // I then create a video where I insert this domain name. I then redirect, or point, the domain to the actual eBook sales page where they can get more information about the product. If they buy, I get paid!

The point to this article is this. You can make money online; however, different people do so in different ways. Above are just three of the ways that I’m making money online. Your three will most likely differ from mine, but always keep your eyes open for opportunities, and most importantly – take action. When it comes to making money online, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. You can do it!

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