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Make Money From Home – How to Conquer Worry and Fear

Do you worry a lot? Sometimes there are very good reasons for worry. Other times we know the worry we have is irrational but we worry anyway. The emotions of fear and worry do not do any good and are harmful to our health. More than that, worrying will keep us from succeeding and achieving our goals. It is said that 98% of what we worry about will never happen. What a waste of mental energy!

How to deal with a specific fear or worry

Perhaps one of your fears has to do with your work at home business. You worry that you are not making any money. The question to ask is, "What is the worst that can happen?" When you have written that down, consider specific actions which you might take to at least alleviate the situation. Write them down and take some sort of action. Naming your worry and identifying the challenges is like identifying the enemy, then you can find the weapons to fight with.

How to deal with general anxiety

There are people who can not quite identify it, but are anxious all the time … never at peace. One of the best ways to deal with constant anxiety is to practice focusing on today, to live in the present. Someone has said, "leave yesterday alone, live today, tomorrow can take care of itself." Of course we have to put this in perspective, because we know that planning is essential to accomplishing our goals. We have to plan our work, and then work our plan. So let's get the main point, that living in the moment will alleviate anxiety. Enjoy the meal you are eating, the music that is playing, your children who want your attention and your partner who loves you. I often look at athletes who exemplify this principle in the midst of fierce competition. The baseball player forgets that he struck out last time, and concentrates on this at bat. The tennis star thinks only of this serve, the football team concentrates on getting this play right regardless of the scoreboard.

These are strategies, but keeping our overall business and life goals front and centre in our minds is also important and will keep us optimistic. Be excited about "why" you have decided to engage in a make money from home business and take a few moments every day to daydream a bit and imagine what you will do with the money you are going to make and how your life will be different . Anything worth while you have planned and believe in will, as Hudson Taylor, missionary to China said, at first seem impossible, then difficult, and then it's done. You are just in the beginning stages, so do not let fear and anxiety overcome you, but overcome them by concentrating on the tasks at hand and living in the moment. Enjoy the journey.

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