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Make Money From Home – Being an Affiliate Gives You a Monthly Income Forever

Today, I am hooked. Now that I have discovered how easy it is to become an affiliate and make money from home. I can make money online forever … from home … using free tools … at my own pace … getting my bills paid … making my family happy … having peace of mind … and doing it right here from my computer.

I did not have to create any product. I did not have to have any experience. I did not have to stock a product. I did not have to wrap and mail any physical item. I only needed three things:

1 – The desire to make money from home.
2 – The free tools
3 – The new skills to learn what to do.

So, what is an affiliate? An affiliate is someone that does two things – and does them well: an affiliate creates a website and then drives traffic to that website. At that website (your website), they will likely make a purchase.

Depending on the affiliate product you choose (all choices are yours and it does not cost you to choose), you can choose to make profits on one thing, a string of related things, or profits called "residuals" where the shopper becomes a member and pays monthly and you get a slice of that monthly payment as long as they stay a member, which could be for months, years or forever. (TV stars get residuals every time their reruns are shown. They work once, then get residuals for years to come.) What? You do not know how to create a website or drive the traffic to it? Those are skills, and they are as simple as learning to drive (only you get to stay at home).

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