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Make Money by Giving Away Ebooks For Free

There are many ways to make money with ebooks, but  the problem is not many have the knowledge to write Ebooks. That means that we have to make money with other people’s ebooks.  I will tell you how you can make money by giving other people’s ebooks away for free!  So how do you do it and where do you get it?

Start by getting some free ebooks and getting the eBook cover pictures for it as well.   The more ebooks you have and the more valuable they are, the better it is of course and the more money you will make with ebooks. (I will tell you later how to get free ebooks)

Now that you have some ebooks to give away, you should make a web page.  Get an autoresponder service like Aweber and make a form.  Design a squeeze page where you give these free ebooks away as a bonus for signing up to your email list.  Make sure your squeeze page is really eye catching and good.  Include the pictures of the ebooks, maybe even a short video and use big fonts and bullet points telling the people what they will get in the free ebooks.  This will be your starting point if you want to make money with ebooks.

Now that your squeeze page is all set up, what happens when the people sign up?  You have to make a welcome/download page where the people would be directed to after they signed up to download your free ebooks.  Make a download page where people can download your books, but don’t send them there after they opt in.

First send them to a “One time offer” page where you promote some other affiliate offer.  You can find affiliate offers like these anywhere on the internet, even on ClickBank. Make it clear that this is the only chance they will get this “amazing offer” page and if they buy it right there and then, you will include a bonus offer of more ebooks. (Use your stash of free ebooks for this).  If you design the page correctly many people will take advantage of this great offer and buy the product to get your extra bonus offer.  And this is how you will make money with ebooks  that you also obtained for free. 

Right, so where are you supposed to get quality ebooks on internet marketing and such.  There are a bunch of sites, including eBay where you can buy these books for as little as $3 each. Some newer ones will go with resale rights for less than $15, which is pretty good.  I will also tell you later where you can get some free ones.

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