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Make Extra Money Online – How to Find Internet Marketing Success by Writing Articles

Article marketing is not a get-rich-overnight endeavor, but a consistent effort that may reap rewards for you for years to come. As you learn by doing, you come to realize what it takes to make your dreams of internet marketing success come true. By seeking out information about how to write articles you're already ahead of most everyone who try their hand at article marketing.

But do you sometimes feel like it's a lot of effort without seeing results?

With every new venture we take on we must acknowledge the fact that we are learning new skills. Having the right frame of mind helps as we progress.

Having setbacks is a part of the learning process but they can be overcome.

Think of article writing as a game. Think of every article that you submit to the article directories as practice. With more and more practice you are assured of getting better. Do not you think?

And with every article you write you are putting your name out there. If you've linked your resource box to your web site correctly with keyword phrases then every article will stand up like your agent directing visitors to your web page. The more articles you write the more agents you have. If you have hundreds of articles submitted you'll have hundreds of links pointing the way to your web site.

Mentors are also a good thing to have when you want to learn how to write articles for the internet. You do not need a live one but you can study them to figure out what's working for them.

Look for authors that are having the success that you want. Look for authors with lots of articles and lots of views. What are they doing to attract readers? Look at their article titles. Do they follow a structure or outline? What do their articles have in common?

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