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Mafia Wars Strategy to Avoid

The Mafia Wars game is one of the hottest around at the moment. It’s a multi-player game played online on the social networking sites Facebook or MySpace and utilizes your friends list to grow your ‘mafia family’. The larger the size of your family, the greater power of attack you will have and therefore a greater chance of doing very well in the game and winning. It is therefore a good Mafia Wars Strategy to expand your family as much as you can. However, there are good and bad Mafia Wars Strategy ideas for doing this. 

In June 2009, there were 5 Million players, and counting and it’s easy to see why – it’s fun and the thought of being a big mafia boss is and enticing and thrilling one, capiche?!

Many players will, however, struggle to win this game because its success, like anything in life, depends on having a good strategy, which many players do not have over the longer term.

In order to dominate in the game, you need to adopt the mindset of a Mafioso. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest digging out the Godfather Trilogy and watching it again, along with Goodfellas, Casino, On The Waterfront and The Sopranos to start with (when you have a spare 20 hours or so that is).

Ok, so here’s a bad Mafia Wars Strategy, a mistake to avoid: Many people will send invitations to all of their friends on Facebook or MySpace (whichever you’re using to play with), asking them to join their family just to increase its size. However, some people will join just to ‘try it out’ and may not be a very committed or active player.

For this reason, it is generally a waste of time to try and recruit members from your generic friends list as you’ll end up carrying dead weight. It is much better to have a smaller family but with active players – people who play every day on the whole, than a large family who are absent from their family commitments…After all, Mafia Rule number 5 is

“Always being available for Cosa Nostra is a duty – even if your wife’s about to give birth.”

The aim is to keep a tight ship.

Probably the best Mafia Wars strategy is to take advantage of the Mafia Wars cheat enhancements that have been programmed into the game, but you need to discover.

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