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Love Is

Love is as gentle as a mother's smile,

It's soft breath caresses as a warm spring breeze.

Love is always contemporary, never out of style,

It dresses our life as do the leaves of earth's lovely trees.

Love can wage and even win wars, to protect and secure when we're prayerfully right,

It goes with us to the jungle and the ocean wide.

It's our protection and our battle armor, both by day and by night.

Love and devotion, for home and for country,

Silent partners at our side.

Love can make the heart of flint and stone malleable as potter's clay,

It can make homeliness a thing of beauty and charm.

It seals cruel words of hurt we might say,

And causes icy hearts, cold thoughts to mellow and warm.

Fear flees from love, as does speculation and doubt.

Love cleaves to patience, truth, faith, mercy and forgiveness,

Overcomes envy, strife, intolerance and from jealousy it shows the way out,

While leading on to life's fulfillment of joy and happiness.

Love seeks those whom it may serve long and well,

Stays where it's well-touted in richness, establishes inner well being,

Its tales of overcoming, long stories and short, illustrates and tells,

Democracies its values ​​in real life living,

So that seeing we'll be believing.

Love multiplies Happiness,

Cancels injustice, intolerance, prejudice, and hate-

Knock and love's door will open, seek and you will find,

Ask, expect to receive, and give it before its too late.

Love is a father's stern face, breaking into a smile,

After hard words of lecture.

Love is a mother's soft hand up your forehead,

When youthful troubles toss you about your bed and the words,

"I understand."

Love is the arms, of a brother or sister, after a disagreement,

As they creep around your neck, and, comes the penitent, request, and apology,

"I'm sorry, forgive me?"

Love is the tear stained face of a child,

After punishment, looking up at you and saying "I love you."

Love is a father that works 8 or more hours per day,

Using up his youth to supply family needs,

And then painting, mowing, fixing, and serving as moderator,

And begrudgingly a seat of justice.

Love is a mother's patient, kind face, as she hovers over your bed as you toss about with all those childhood illnesses;

That presses your clothes she's washed,

Keeps the cookie jar filled,

That finds a way to get that dress or rifle,

That slips you the car keys, that she's finagled from a related dad.

Love is all these things, and much, much more.

It is independent in the sphere, where in God has placed it.

It operates without interference from all the forces that destroy people who do not know love.

Love has many faces, all good, and useful.

Love can not be measured, it is one eternal round.

Love has to be given, to be kept.

Love is never frustrated, people are.

Love is never lost, although it may change locations due to neglect or infertile soil.

Love is worth working for, it has eternal dividends, invest in it.

Give love top priority in your life,

Its healing balm is the salvation of your's and other's souls.

Try loving your neighbors, they are worth it.

Showing love, in no way indicators weakness,

Rather, it tests our (metal mettle) of, "human concern."

If you have an enemy (real or imaginary) disconcert then with an outstretched hand of love and friendship, it really works,

I've proved it.

Noone's shoulders are strong enough to bear a grudge-

Shift the load to forgiveness and love

And get a load off your shoulders and heart.

Take time to love, everyone, after all it is not your time, it is God's time,

He's invested in you and the commandment with promise is "love the Lord your God with all of you and your neighbor (all) as yourself" –

(Each equally stressed as to importance and necessity.)

If we persist in this pursuit of love for all, soon the effort becomes easier and easier and our affection becomes a way of life without conscious effort

And thoroughly enjoyable and tremendously rewarding.

"Love is not really blind," literally, as is a commonly suggested "sage statement."

But love does see the degree, of perfection, potential, and effort, not necessarily a perfectly finished product.

After all how can a imperfect person, judge perfection, perfectly?

Never be passive or regressive in your aspirations, but, be happy with conscious effort that does make headway;

And concurrently, you should be able to recognize that others are at least keeping pace.

And we can encourage this by view by view, contact by contact, with unashamedly displaying to others happiness with love,

With each, even, minute bit of progress.

Love is ignitor and nutrients upon which real accomplishment is predicated.

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