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Local Legwork Can Produce A Quality List

Internet marketing is great, but do not ignore your hometown. Think outside of the box. It sounds strange to promote an internet business offline, but companies like eBay advertises everywhere, not just online. You do not have to spend a lot of money advertising locally. In fact, most of it can be free. Here is 7 ways to promote locally without much cost to you and helps you build a loyal following and quality list.

1. Distribute your press release personally to local groups and organizations related to your topic. Tell related business's that they can benefit from your newsletter.

2. Become a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. This gives you instant credibility and access to prompt people you can meet and ask for their loyalty support and be apart of your email list.

3. Place your press release and business cards at local business's with permission.

4. Send a copy of your article to all your family and friends. They love to brag about someone close to them that's done well. A friend of mine that owns an advertising company gives out my card everywhere. He's a great friend and asset.

5. If a local paper publishes your press release, then a large state paper may do the same. Instead of local resident, reword to be Oklahoman resident. This is to big an asset to pass up.

6. Become a featured guest at a local college. Get email addresses from each student. Make sure this is OK with the instructor.

7. Place cards or brochures at your local bookstores with permission. This one thing created over 60 new visitors to my website. This was the first thing I implemented and results were fantastic.

Internet marketing is helpful if properly planned and executed .. Marketing needs to be multi-faceted. Think like a professional and target every affordable area you can. This has paid off for me and it can pay off for you.

Internet marketing is essential for a growing business, but do not ignore your backyard.

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