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List of Top 50,000 Sites by Alexa

Do you run an Internet business or are you one of the many people that operate a Web site? Those involved in the Internet field know that having a high web site ranking is very critical to success. When it comes to reliability among customers and Internet users, many of them use the Alexa Ranking to determine how great a Web site is. Spending time improving your site's Alexa Ranking can be very cruel. And if you want to know which web sites you should target, there is a list of the top 50,000 sites available – but for a price.

For starters, head to There, at no cost you will see how your web site traffic ranks overall and among other similar sites. Despite a hefty $ 4,000 for a list of the top 50,000 sites, Alexa has a lot of other cost-free information help to the web site businesspeople. It is also considered one of the more reliable and accurate site trackers, and it shows you where a site ranks overall in terms of popularity. The higher the rank number, the more popular the Web site is.

Advertising agencies as well as potential independent advertisers look to a web site's Alexa rank to determine if your site is worth spending time on. By having a high Alexa rank, you can sell advertising links at a higher rate, then earning more money. Most companies will only look at the 50,000 sites.

Although some information about popular Web pages is available at, a full list of the sites can be bought through Alexa at about $ 4,000.

If you do not want to play that fee, there is a way around it. Other sellers have obtained the list and are distributing it to other sites at a much lower price. If you want to get in touch with these re-sellers, log on to a popular search engine such as Google and do a search for the top 50,000 sites. Do not succumb to the $ 4,000 price when it can be had for much cheaper.

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