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List Building – Your Daily Schedule to Get 50 to 100 Subscribers For Free on a Daily Basis

Want to grow your list by the dozens each day? Face it, you do not know where to start. Those emails keep pounding your email inbox each day with the latest and greatest thing. You are reading the latest eBook that promises untold licenses for you. Well, I'm going to help you cut through the fog here. This is your daily schedule to get 50 to 100 new subscribers on a daily basis, for free, without fail:

Step 1 – Create A Lead Generation Blog

Create your own blog using a platform like WordPress or Blogger. Fill it with SEO optimized content that will have the search engine spiders scurrying to your blog. Ping your blog everyday, and bookmark your posts using Social Marker or Only Wire.

Step 2 – Post In Popular Forums

Find 3 to 5 densely populated forums and start posting in them on daily basis. Aim for a daily post count increase of 20-40 new posts. Post high quality information and your posts will get noticed, and you will receive traffic via your signature box that most forums provide you with.

Step 3 – Submit Articles

This is a 'must-do'. Articles are the best way to drive extremely targeted traffic to your website, for free. Because when readers read your article and visit your website, they are a 'warm' visitor. They are not just any visitor that came in from a 3-line ad. So submit articles daily if you can in the beginning, then once the strategy is profitable for you, outsource your article writing work by creating a content creation team of freelancers.

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