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List Building – Write Compelling Copy for Your Squeeze Page

Writing compelling copy may be one of the most difficult things about creating your squeeze page. You are basically going to take 1 to 3 paragraphs and describe what this product or ebook will do for the person who downloads it. Once again, you are going to write about what the product can do for the person, not how wonderful the product itself is. The only thing the reader cares about is what it will do for them.

One way to come up with compelling copy for this is to write a few paragraphs, imagining that you are writing to a good friend of yours, describing why they should read your new book. You should write it as if you personally know the person that is going to read it.

Do not feel compelled to make this copy long, just make sure that it adequately describes what the free giveaway is going to do for the person reading it. One way to make this easy would be to offer a sentence or two about what each section in the ebook will teach the reader. If you have 8 – 10 sections in the book, it will be quite easy to write 8 – 10 sentences about the ebook and its value to the reader.

Create Bullet Points for Your Squeeze Page

In this next section of your squeeze page, you will create a short list (I prefer 5 – 8) benefits to the reader.

As an example, keeping with the deep sea fishing niche idea:

o How to Dress for Safety When Deep Sea Fishing

o Discover the # 1 Safety Tip from a Deep Sea Fisherman Himself

o The One Color Sharks Love and You Should Never Wear Underwater

o How to Escape From the Deadly Electric Eels

o Must – Have Information on Choosing the Right Deep Sea Guide

o How to Have Fun and Stay Safe on Your Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Notice the excitement and suspense these benefit bullet points create (except perhaps the last one) create for the reader, and notice that each of these benefits appeals to the reader himself. They do not tout the greatness (for lack of a better word) of your web site or your product, instead they focus on what the reader himself might need.

The benefits are all about the reader, the surfer. They are designed to compel the reader of your squeeze page to download your free gift to them. But a free gift is only a bargain if the gift has usefulness to the reader. So your giveaway must have value, must impart something of value to the reader, your future subscriber.

And in the same way, your benefit points must be exciting to the reader, they must inspire the surfer or reader of your squeeze page to choose to download the free gift.

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