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List Building with Article Marketing – FBTK or SGG Members – Which Do You Want When List Buidling?

I would rather have a small list of what I started to call SGG people, than a large list of what I've begun to call FBTK people. FBTK people are freebie seeking tire kickers. Freebie seeking tire kickers versus SGG's which are serious go-getters.

I would rather have a small list with serious go-getters than a large list of freebie seeking tire kickers. Now it's not narrowed down to just two choices. It's not a choice between a large list of people that do not do anything or a small list of highly responsive people. What I'm working on building, is a large list of highly responsive people.

But I want to make the distinction because I really want you to avoid that trap of focusing on numbers and not quality people on your list. This is why doing this with articles is really the most powerful way to do it.

There are many list building strategies you can use. You can do your pay-per-clicks, you can buy list members, you can do opt-in storm where people do, you know, pop-up boxes and sign up for several things.

You can do co-registration. You know that was really big on the Internet a month or so ago, there are these new co-registration plans and you are supposed to be able to get thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of people on your list.

All those ways I've just mentioned cost something. Pay-per-click costs something. Co-registration costs something, especially if you buy that course. Doing it with articles is free. I like that price, it's free. All it requires is time and effort. And the people that come to your list from article marketing are much, much, much, exponentially much more responsive. They have already read your stuff and have decided to voluntarily click through to your website.

They read your article, they've read your offer, they want what you're offering. They're willing to exchange their email address to get on your list for whatever it's you're offering for free.

Those are highly targeted, highly qualified people that have raised their hand and said, "I want more of what you've got." So that is the advantage of doing this with articles.

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