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List Building Tips – Secrets of Powerful Relationship Building With Your List

Relationship building is one of the core activities you have to focus on when you are building your list. If someone on your list sends you an email with a question, you have to answer it or they probably won’t buy your products. That’s the reality of it. From my own statistics, about half the people I respond to who have sent me questions end up buying something from me. So it’s well worth the time taking a little time out of your day to answer the questions.

Half the people who respond buy from me – that’s an outstanding conversion rate. If you think about it, if you can get 100 people to ask you questions every month, that’s 50 extra sales right there that you otherwise you wouldn’t have. If your product sells for say $20, that’s an extra $1000 in income. Even if your product only costs $10, you will still get an extra $500 just by being responsive to your subscribers and responding to their questions.

So I want you to keep this in mind – you have to be responsive to your list if you want them to be responsive to you. One way to get your subscribers to ask you questions is to send them a survey. Send them a simple email with a few questions. Or use Survey Monkey to create a simple survey. Ask them what their greatest challenge is or what problems they are facing to reach their goals. Send it to them and respond to them one by one when they reply to you.

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