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List Building Tips and Techniques

Building a list is one of the most important parts to any Internet Marketing business, but many people think that to get the traffic and build a list is too complicated, but in truth it’s not so complicated its just going about the steps in the right way.

Article Marketing

Create and deliver high quality articles, this is important to showcase your expertise in your niche and to convince people to sign up to your newsletters. Make sure to give people an idea as to what they will get if they sign up, you need to assure them that you will offer them great information relating to the niche and not spam or begging them to buy something from you. Make sure to include your website/squeeze page or blog at the bottom of the article with a brief description of your product or business, again make sure you are offering them free information and not trying to get them to pay for anything.


Forums can be a great way to get targeted traffic to your list, the secret is to establish yourself as a useful contributor to do this you need to offer some comments, advice and information about the niche you are in. This way you can be seen as someone with the knowledge in the subject that has been raised and the knowledge will be shown in what you write and how you write it. Just remember, don’t sign up to a forum and start trying to sell products you need to demonstrate you are providing good information. You can include your website or blog in the about you section or in your signature although I would advise from adding this information to your signature until you have a few posts established yourself on the forum. Do it right and you will see the advantages of using a forum for targeted stream of traffic.

Free Report

You need to give people a reason to sign up to your list, people will not sign up for no reason at all, so offer them a free report that provides them with useful information in your area of expertise. The report only needs to be a few pages long but must convey real value in the particular subject. Remember this will be the first time someone sees who you are so make sure you show them what you know on your niche.

Building Relationships

Getting them to sign up on your list is just the first step, your next step is to keep regular contact with them through email using auto responders that you can setup to send emails automatically over a period of time. Its true the money is in the list, but don’t look at your list of people as a money machine and try send them marketing emails asking them to buy products from you, what you need to do is build a relationship with your list and overtime this will create value and trust.

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