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List Building Techniques – How to Increase Your List Without Spending a Dime

There are many methods out there for the purpose of list building. When I started building my online business, I thought the most effective way to build a list was through pay-per-click advertising. Now at the time I did not know too much about PPC, so for every lead I would subscribe to my list, it would cost me 1.25 per lead. Not too effective, right?

That was a lesson I learned the hard way. It was a time in which I did not know many other forms of traffic, and a time in which I thought I could make a full-time income selling just one ebook. Although it was a hard lesson, it definitely helped me in finding different alternatives and methods for building a list without spending a dime.

Some of these methods are just obvious but some I learned from experience.

The first kind of traffic that I would recommend, which is free but will require you to put some time is Article Marketing. Now like I said some of the methods are obvious but hopefully you will not underestimate the power of article marketing for traffic and lead generation. What I particularly like about article marketing is that it only takes one effort to write an article, but then it could generate you traffic for a lifetime.

Granted, the kind of traffic is slow for article but once you get a large number of articles going around the web, then your traffic will see a huge increase. Also the quality of traffic you get from article marketing is one of the highest. The reason for this is that your articles also act as filtering filters by making the visitor go through several steps before joining your list.

Another really good way of increasing your list without spending a dime is by doing Joint Ventures. Now this method will require you to do your homework before taking action.

What are Joint Ventures? Joint Ventures are a marketing effort in which you would agree to some terms with other marketers so that they could offer your product to their list in the same niche. Joint venture partners work as associates to you, but in this case, it is more personal. You will have more communication with your joint venture partner.

Joint Ventures are a good method of increasing the size of your list because the quality of traffic is also very high. You can do this by building a squeeze page specifically for the joint venture partner. This would be a win-win situation for both because you would give him a commission for the sale but at the same time continuing building your list for future sales.

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