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List Building Secrets Series – Designing Your Squeeze Page

The first and the most important one when it comes to list building is designing your squeeze page. You should spend your time much longer on designing good compelling one, but simple. Failed to do so, will ruined your opt-in rate.

Simple is mean that your page shouldn’t contain any crazy, flash or blinking metallic graphics and objects that could make people go away. Why? Because it’s natural that we normal people don’t like something look like ads and we don’t want to be sold by someone. So keep away those “extra ordinary” things and build your squeeze page with K.I.S.S method (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Some clean and plain white one is far more better (based on my experience) to convert people to opt-in.

The entire goal of a squeeze page is to collect names and emails to your list from people who visiting your page. So you also better not add some ads on there (like Google AdSense). Because you want to minimize any distraction that would make people go away to other site instead opt-in on your page. I still see many marketers especially newbies made this mistake after drive traffic to their site. They are leaving potential subscribers away. So I suggest you never ever make the same mistake ok.

On your squeeze page, You want to make them feel like they found solution for certain problem they have and the answer is in what you are providing. To do this, you have to make your offer look very unique and stand out from the crowd. You also want to explain to them exactly what they will learn by opt-ing in and giving you their name and email address.

These are a few important areas that you must have within your squeeze page:


This is the first thing people see when they come to your page. If you title stinks, then they will be gone in a few second. Most visitors will naturally decide either they will stay or go away in average of 6-10 seconds

Page Size

The size of your page should be relatively short. This is not a long sales letter make it simple, short and sweet. Get right to the point and ask name and email address immediately in first place.

The Opt-In Box

From my experience, if possible, your opt-in box should be on the page 2 times: Once above the fold, and once below at the end of the page. But if you can make your squeeze page all above the fold, then single opt-in box would be better. Try to test different combinations to know which one drive more conversion.

The Bullet Points

This is where you will be explaining exactly what your reader can expect to get and learn after they provide you with their name and email address. Also, alternating the bold print throughout your bullet points is a very key piece of your squeeze page as well. This helps your product benefits stand out even more to your potential subscriber.

Oh, one thing to remember, add some privacy guarantee to explain to people that you will not sell, rent, or shared their email address to anyone. Forget to do so, will also hurt your opt-in conversion and still make many potential subscriber go away from your site.

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