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List Building Secrets – 3-Step Process to Start Building a Large List With Giveaways!

Want to build a huge list? A really quick way to do that is by participating in giveaway events as a contributor. Giveaways are the ultimate form of leverage in pure list building, but only a few top marketers have taken advantage of it. Now this advantage is available for the little guy to grow a bigger list.

Here is the 3-step process I use to build ever-larger lists with giveaways:

Step 1 – Get/Create A Free Product

Step 2 – Sign Up As A Contributor

Step 3 – Promote The Giveaway

Those are the 3 steps you need to take to start building profitable mailing lists using this strategy. Now let’s discuss and dissect this process:

Step 1 – Get/Create A Free Product

The first step that is required is to get or create your free product to use in the event. You can get a free information product that has giveaway rights and use that or create your own free report to use. Don’t forget to set up an opt-in page too to gather the subscribers.

Step 2 – Sign Up As A Contributor

Sign up as a participating contributor to the giveaway. Many events hide their contributor link, so in this way, you need to be on the inside. Do a search for Facebook groups that feature giveaway alerts or do a search on Google for the Contributor link.

Step 3 – Promote The Event

When the event goes live, promote it to your list or just do an all-out assault to get referrals. This is important as it will catapult your gift’s ranking and give it a higher position, from which you can get more traffic and more leads.

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