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List Building – How You Can Build a ‘5-Digit’ Subscribers List With Very Little Effort

There is no doubt that building a large and responsive list is one of the keys to creating an unbelievable long-term income. Most marketers, however, struggle in their bid to build a profitable list. Let us look into how you can build a 5-digit subscribers list with the minimal of effort:

Step 1 – Create Your Own Squeeze Page

Building a list starts with having your own squeeze page. A squeeze page is simply a short, stand-out page with the aim of capturing subscribers into your mailing list. It will typically have a short, benefit-laden headline, a couple of bullet points and of course a lead capture form which you create using your autoresponder account.

Step 2 – Split-Test Your Squeeze Page

Apart from traffic, it is highly important that you look into increase the conversion rates (or opt-in rates) of your squeeze page. This can be done with split-testing. There are a few split-testing software on the Internet, but the most effective one I have found is Power Split Tester. This is a must-have software for anyone who wants to split-test their pages or even just their headline.

Step 3 – Use Multiple Advertising Avenues That Form The Matrix Of Your Marketing Strategy

The key to tying it all together is in marketing and advertising. Simply put, this is what will separate you from the rest of the crowd. This is what will take you from zero to making 4 figures or 5 figures every month. The more marketing you do, and the more effective it is, the more money you will make.

Use multiple advertising avenues like article directories, social networks, video sharing websites, search engines, and forums to advertise your squeeze page and build your list.

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