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List Building – How to Take Your List Building Cash Machine to the Next Level

Have you reached a ‘plateau’ in your current list building efforts? Perhaps you want to grow your list by hundreds of subscribers every day but don’t know where to start. This article will take you on the inside track to ultra fast list building for Internet riches.

Here are 3 secret techniques you can use to grow your list like the big players:

Secret Technique #1: Do A Product Launch

A product launch is one of the fastest ways to gain massive free advertising in a niche and create a huge buzz about you and your product. Although a product launch often involves a paid product, you can include an opt-in form or a pop-up on your site to capture leads! The massive traffic you get will allow you to grow a massive list in no time.

Secret Technique #2: Use Co-Registration Marketing

Co-registration is one of the underground methods to grow a massive list of qualified subscribers. Since co-registration has been around, many list builders have used it with devastating effects. It involves placing your offer alongside other list builders on a high-trafficked page. The real key to success is in choosing the right co-registration broker. Reputable brokers and providers that I know of include Get Subscribers, Topica and Permission Direct.

Secret Technique #3: Use Google AdWords Placement Targeting Feature

The AdWords Placement Targeting feature, while gaining more exposure recently, is still a little-used method to grow a massive mailing list on the cheap! You can get visitors for as little as $0.01 if you do it right. It involves advertising your offer on websites that have Google AdSense. Choose highly targeted sites that relate to your niche/product to include your ad in and you’ll be on the right track!

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