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List Building – How to Build a Large Newsletter Subscriber List With Articles

You’ve probably been envious of online marketers making 1000s of dollars in a  single day by simply sending an offer to the large mailing list they’ve created.

Benefits of a newsletter

1. Build long term relationships

A newsletter sent weekly or biweekly provides an opportunity to build a  relationship over time. By continually creating valuable information your  subscribers can use, they will trust your advice.

2. Gain the trust of your readers

It’s easy to hide your identity on the internet so if you write content that has a  personal touch you will gain the trust of your readers.

3. Become recognized as an authority

By continually offering free information that works for building and marketing  online businesses you become the “go-to” person for consulting advice which you  can charge for.

4. Make more sales

The bottom line is that you created a business to make money. You must first  give a lot to your subscribers before taking their money. A newsletter allows you  to build a list that keeps giving back by your readers purchasing your products.

How to create a large list of subscribers with articles

1. Write lots of great content

Valuable content is what people are looking for. The more content you write the  better writer you become and the more subscribers you’ll receive.

2. Create a call to action

The resource box at the end of your article is where you ask the reader to  subscribe to your newsletter. To give them an incentive to sign up include a free  report or software. This reduces their resistance.

3. Create a professional landing page

The landing page is what they see when they click on the link in your resource  box. It could be a squeeze page, sales letter, blog page etc. Ideally the page  should have one get your visitor to sign up. Having many links on the  page will only distract your visitor. A squeeze page provides a clear benefit for  subscribing. It typically includes a sign up form to enter their name and email  address. I suggest using a mail service that automatically stores the information  in a database. This allows you to send your newsletter to all subscribers with  one click.

4. Submit your article to multiple locations

Don’t just submit your article to the EzineArticles directory. Other ideas include:

* Build a list of  newsletter publishers that accept articles.

* Be a guest blogger and use your article for the blog post.

* Add it to your own web site or blog.

* Rewrite the article and submit it to other article directories.

* Repurpose the content into audio and video and submit it to audio and video  sharing web sites.


The key to building a large newsletter list is to write and publish  lots of articles frequently and consistently. Your list will grow in proportion to the number of  articles you produce.

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