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List Building Fun – 3 Powerful Ways to Earn a Fortune Using Forums For List Building

Summary: Forums are a great way to build your list. So, if you want to increase your online earnings, you must seriously consider joining a few forums related to your niche. Learn 3 powerful ways to use forums to build your list.

Many smart Internet marketers freely use forums to build their list. A large chunk of targeted traffic comes from the forums you have joined, given that you play your cards right. The greatest advantage of using a forum to build your list is that you can have fun doing so.

1. Find Forums Related To Your Niche

You can easily find forums related to your niche by doing a simple Google search. Identify the forums that you feel are ideal for your list building activities. Each forum has a “character” of its own; you have to find a forum with a “character” that suits you and your business.

2. Create Your Signature

Most forums frown on advertisement and promotion of any sort. But nobody will object if you take full advantage of your signature. Include the URL of your website in your signature.

Make several quality posts because your signature appears below every post that you make. If you succeed in becoming a popular poster, other forum posters will click the link in your signature, visit your site, and join your list.

3. Participate Fully

Your full participation on the forum is necessary for your success. Make your presence felt by asking questions and answering the questions of other posters.

Prove that you are an expert in this niche. Through your posts, earn the respect of the other posters. Once they are convinced of your expertise in your chosen niche, they will not hesitate to subscribe to your list.

Closing Summary: Join selected forums in order to build your list. Research your forums well, include your website URL in your signature, and make a few quality posts. You will soon find more people joining your list.

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