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List Building – Don’t Be a Dunce About Mail Handling

We’ve already talked about why list building is so important to your online business. List building is the first thing you should think about. But if you don’t handle mailing and list building right, you could get yourself into a whole lot of trouble.

Even if you have a great email program–Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.–like it a lot, and think that you can handle emailing customers that way…

Don’t do it. Just don’t.

And forget buying email handlers, and there are several programs out there. They’re great for keeping names and email addresses, but what’s going to happen when you try to send 650 of the exact same email from your personal email account? Your ISP will shut you down. Do you see where that’s a problem?

If your Internet Service Provider shuts you down, even if you have double opted-in email addresses, you’re going to lose. It will take you a long time to get set up with another ISP, and what if you need broadband and there’s only one service in your area that has broadband, and they shut you down? That would just totally suck!

Your Internet Service Provider doesn’t want you spamming people either.

Instead, get a reliable autoresponder, like

What happens is that you use their form on your list building squeeze page, right? Then, the name and email address goes right to them. They handle getting people to verify their subscription to your newsletter or whatever. They do the adding of names and email addresses to your list and they store them for you. When you want to email your list, aside from the autoresponder series of messages you have preloaded into their system, you go and make what’s called a “broadcast” message. That’s all handled for you, too.

Plus, the autoresponder’s deliverability rate is going to be much higher. It’s their address that’s mailing out all the emails for you, not your personal address. If you mail 650 messages of your own and are tagged as a spammer, other ISPs can block your mail, too. They’ll block your IP address or your whole domain. You really need to be careful of how your messages are delivered.

List building is very, very important. The list building squeeze page is important. The autoresponder messages are important. The products you’re selling are important. Yet, if you get shut down or your mail can’t be delivered, your list building efforts are completely and totally erased. Take care with how you handle your mailings. Keep your ISP happy by hiring an autoresponder to do your mailings for you. Pay them each month to do that. If you don’t you run the risk of ruining your entire business. Why risk it?

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