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List Building – Building Your Own Opt-in List of Email Addresses

In order to have a successful online email marketing campaign, it’s important to have an impressive list of good, authentic email addresses. Without your list, you will not be able to conduct a successful email marketing campaign and you will not be able to survive the high level of competition that exists in the online world today.

There are many email list building strategies. You can use any one of them to create your own list of email addresses. Email list building is crucial to the success of your online business. If the list of email addresses has not been built properly, your subscribers will not buy from you. This is the reason that many people try to create long lists of email addresses by buying the ready made lists. This is not the right way to go about it as you might get blamed for spamming the email recipient if you do not have their permission to email them.

You need to build your own list. This may require some patience on your part as you will not be able to collect the required data in a day or two. One of the most effective ways to build a large, responsive list of opt-in subscribers is to use a squeeze page on your website to have your visitors opt in to your list.

By building your own opt-in list, you have the email recipient’s permission to send promotional offers for your products or those products of your affiliate programs. By building a rapport with your own subscribers you will get a very high response rate for your product offerings.

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