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List Building – 5 Ways to Build Your List With Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site which allows users to post micro blogs about what they are doing at the moment. Within a short time, the site has become hugely popular. People use it to connect to friends and family. And internet marketers use it to attract prospects and develop relationships. If you want to use Twitter to build your list, follow the following 5 ways.

1. Build a focused profile: Define who you are before you start developing your tribe on Twitter. Define what solutions you are providing, which area you are going to focus on and what kind of people you want to attract. Once you determine this, stick to it. Having a confused positioning or a broad positioning will dilute your efforts.

2. Provide valuable content: As a marketer, you need to provide valuable content to your audience. It is not about sending personal messages but about sending messages that help your audience. So give links on news in your industry, links which might be of interest and any other related content. If you give valuable content, more people will start following you.

3. Be consistent: Twitter is a medium you need to use often if you want to see results. Use the 90-10 rule. 90% of the time, send content which is useful to your audience and 10% of the time, direct people to your blog or your sales page with offers of products which might benefit them. So long as you are focused on a specific niche, you will see results happening consistently.

4. Connect with the movers and shakers: If you want to grow your followers in a short time, you need to connect with others who are already the leaders in your niche. Use the Twitter search feature to find out other people talking about the same topic as you. Those who are sending out more tweets and relevant tweets are more likely to be the movers and shakers. Become their followers and gradually develop a relationship with them.

5. Use tools: The basic Twitter website only allows you to post your messages and do some basic actions. However, there are several useful utilities that integrate with Twitter and allow you to do more with it. For instance, use the twitter friend adder to make hundreds of friends on auto-pilot. Use the tweetlater tool to set up auto-reply messages whenever someone becomes your follower. And there are several other useful tools.

Follow the above steps and also remember not to spam other people. Maintain etiquette and basically develop friendships.

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